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Scooter advertising is visually appealing and eye catching display, which is versatile and flexible with the ability to regularly use different artwork. Circulating in high road and pedestrian traffic areas and prime locations, scooter advertising attract multifold attention. Compare with other forms of traditional advertising, this is the best way to promote your brand in shouting distance. This kind of advertising even can settle in the crowd, impressing people deeply.
Wherever they go, the Ad bike riders can be dressed in promotional clothing, hand out samples, giveaways and/or literature and if requested and briefed can answer questions about the product or service you offer.
Fewer restrictions and regulations than with traditional billboards. Although some areas can restrict stationary billboard trailers, many allow for temporary stationary use and mobile use as long as mobile billboard trailers are attached to a currently registered pulling vehicle.
Scooter advertising are fantastic for city and town centres and can be used for a variety of events, for example: shop openings, product launches, sporting events, exhibitions, concerts and product sampling to name a few. 
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